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“So you’re writing a book or business materials, or shaping the philosophy and future of your business. Awesome! The world needs your creativity. Give yourself, and your project, a boost by partnering with it and digging deep to find out what it is all about. Our creative projects in particular are as unique as we are, and as opinionated! Once you tap those vibrant personalities, you’ll never look at life, or work, the same way. And you shouldn’t, because everything will be so much better.” — Robyn

I can help you transform your creative projects.

My consultation services include writing and creative coaching for a select clientele. Do we match?

Creative Coaching

Are you an entrepreneur exploring business growth? Starting up a company? Steering it through growth opportunities and challenges?

How about your team? Looking to meld a creative and project team? Establish project direction and motivation?

Creative coaching can help you look at your current, and future, business opportunities with sharp, neutral intuitive insight and my decades of experience in developing and growing businesses.

Please contact me for a complimentary 15-minute strategic session on how I can tailor a package of services to support your enterprise.

Writing Coaching

What Kind of Writer Are You?

  • You want to partner with your story because it is a living, real being ready to partner with you to bring it into the world and find its audience—and yours.
  • You are writing because you can’t imagine doing anything else—and you’re trying to make sense of the world and our place in it.
  • You write heartfelt, engaging, visionary, uplifting, compelling stories—fiction or nonfiction—especially human-animal bond, mind/body/spirit, authentic business marketing, and fun fiction.
  • You know that having fun with your writing is inspiring—and the only way it works.

Here’s What We’ll Explore

These are the things we’ll explore together as we make your writing shine.

  • Why do you write—and keep writing? We rejuvenate and focus your writing practice by discovering what sustains and blocks you, how to get started, what keeps you going. Combining playful work and intuition helps you constantly improve your writing–and have fun with it.
  • What is the heart of your story? What are you and your story bringing to the world, together? The six essential storytelling elements help you find the heart of your story and why you are writing it.
  • How do you write your story? The story is (almost) everything. We use proven, practical ways to write and shape your story using the six essential storytelling elements: the who, what, when, where, why, and how of your story. Use all your senses to dig deep into your story: touch, taste, smell, hear, see, feel, know it. Describe it like you experience it, and your story will take flight.
  • How do you structure your story? Whether it’s an essay or novel, self-help or memoir, you get a complete, polished, coherent book faster and easier by outlining it. Five points for character, five points for plot. That’s it. You can do it. Just like breathing.
  • How do you develop your story? With a solid structure in place, we can fill in the story line and keep you motivated—and writing. Always always always it’s the story.
  • What do you do with your story? Whether you shop it to publishers or become an indie publisher, how do you present yourself and your work to the world?

What Book Coaching Services Mean

At some point you just plain need to know if and how your book is (or is not) working and how you can make it shine. This is book coaching; it’s a fun, inspiring, gritty collaboration between me, you as the dedicated author, and your story. Life is too short and storytelling too important for anything else.

I offer three book coaching services.Which works for you?

  • Manuscript Assessment: An analysis of the first 25 pages and a five-page outline of a nonfiction book or a novel. Includes short written feedback and phone or e-mail follow-up. For writers who need brief feedback on a work in progress.
  • Manuscript Evaluation: An evaluation explores the heart of your story: what it’s about, how the essential storytelling elements fit together, what its specific strengths and weaknesses are, and concrete ways to fine-tune it. This detailed written analysis includes a phone or e-mail follow-up. For writers who have a complete manuscript and want an objective yet compassionate analysis of content. Price depends on manuscript length.
  • Manuscript Development: This process helps you put a structure on a story and its characters, or on a business project. Sometimes we refine an existing project. Sometimes we help develop one from an idea to a structure and help you fill in the details. For writers who are or want to write a book and need help with the process. Price depends on the services we map out together.

My Writing Seminars and Workshops

This class is offered privately once a year.

  • “Storytelling Basics.” Six weeks. How to develop a writing practice and to use the six elements of storytelling to find and write a story, whether fiction or nonfiction. These six essential storytelling elements—the who, what, when, where, why, and how of your story—help you find the heart of your story as they interact to shape it. Covers theme, plot/subplot, structure, characters, setting, description, point of view, and voice. Uses fun in-class exercises, short assignments, discussion, and published examples. Includes a brief evaluation of a writing sample and story outline after class completion. For fiction and nonfiction writers, beginning or intermediate.

These workshops are available for small groups and conferences.

  • “How to Find Your Story.” A two-hour workshop on getting to the heart of a writing practice and your story. It uses word association, personal stories, movement, meditation, music, nature, and intuition to jump-start the creative process and find the story you want to tell and that wants to be told. Writers experiment with different ways to start their daily writing sessions to see what and how their stories surface. Fun, inspiring, and invigorating, this seminar offers a safe place to experiment, and makes everyone feel great that they are writers. For fiction or nonfiction writers, beginning, intermediate, or advanced. For seminars and conferences on storytelling, writing, and mind/body/spirit.
  •  “Outlining Your Writing Project: the Structure Is Key.” A one-two hour workshop. Without structure your story will be haphazard, unfocused, and often abandoned. Help your story live by learning to outline it (it will enhance, not inhibit, your creativity). This workshop takes two forms. In the first, we take a popular, published book and analyze its structure by dropping the plot and two-three subplots onto a five-act writing pyramid. Writers learn how easy and fascinating it is to outline their own story by learning how a popular author expertly does it. In the second form we make up and analyze a novel and a nonfiction book in the class, map them against the five-act writing pyramid, and compare the results to popular books we all know. For fiction writers or nonfiction writers, beginning, intermediate, or advanced. For seminars and conferences on storytelling, writing, and mind/body/spirit.

This workshop is available for individual clients, small group, and, soon, online.

  • “The Easy Writer Fast Fun Storytelling Workshop.” This two-hour workshop will help you focus your novel, memoir, blog, or marketing materials so you can write efficiently and well. Together we’ll analyze Evanovich’s comic mystery, One for the Money, using a simple 5-act plot/character grid and the six essential storytelling elements: the who, what, when, where, why, and how of a story. We’ll quickly see how the novel’s structure works: and how you can apply these simple tools to your own writing. We’ll map out the main plot and 2-3 subplots. We’ll also look at some of our own writing to apply the principles in class to your project. Once you see how a pro does it, you’ll really jumpstart your writing. This is a fun workshop, popular at writing conferences and private events. Soon to be online.

I’ve been teaching this popular workshop for 5 years, from individuals to writing conferences. Why? Because too many writers couldn’t get through their stories without losing focus and getting frustrated. Our stories need to be told. Here’s how to do that efficiently and well.

Here’s what they say about this workshop:

“That’s it? It’s that easy? I can do this!” Mystery writer, Seattle

“Wow, I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on editing and nothing made sense until now. Thanks!” Memoirist, Seattle

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