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Why do you call yourself an intuitive?

Because it’s what makes sense to me: it is grounded in the practical real world, even though it can sometimes seem woo-wooey. I talk with other beings, through clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (feeling), and claircognizance (knowing). This communication is telepathic, mind-to-mind. I am not a witch or shaman, partly because I find those systems limiting because they exert human control and because I have been trained by the beings I work with: by weather guidance forces, by volcanoes and earthquakes and tornadoes, by other beings, by my guides, by a goddess and by dragons. I am simply someone who speaks with other beings and who helps other people do so, as they learn to find love in their life. I also write about it. I’m an ordinary human like anyone else. I just happen to speak with nonhuman beings. That may be weird or scary to people: it certainly was to me in the beginning! But it is an ability that all life has. Even humans.

What does your work involve?

I help people tap into realms they aren’t used to exploring: intuition is not quite as mainstream yet as it will be. I also translate what other beings have to say to the humans who are willing to listen, and I convey human questions to them, as in my Space Cooperating work or in Mindset Alchemy sessions. Sometimes I help other beings explore the consequences of their actions and decisions on others, including humans, and discuss ours with them. Look at the stories here on my website or at my magazine, Bridging the Paradigms. I learn as much about other beings as they are willing to explain, and then I go out to tell people what I hear. With luck, I can then go back to these beings and open a dialogue between us and them. It’s time for that. In all seriousness, the world needs us to do this work.

What do you talk with?

I help you tap into your intuitive self in personal intuitive sessions. I also talk with animals, the dead, businesses, homes, and nature, including wild/domestic land and weather systems. Guides, goddesses, dragons, yes, and lots of beings we didn’t know were out there, and plenty others we’ve heard scare stories about, like aliens and Bigfoot (really, Sasquatch, Bigfoot, are insulting names for a very old multi-dimensional race who call themselves the Quinnich Nation). I am grateful to all the brave pioneers years ago who revealed that they could communicate with animals and have helped people to do so. Without them, the world would not be ready for those of us who can speak with other beings we usually think of as inanimate but are decidedly not. They are ready to be heard. I help them do that.

Are you an energy healer or spiritual counselor?

Absolutely not, twice over. At least not until the alchemical energy system arrived in my family in 2007, and Fallon in 2009. Now I use alchemical energy as part of my Mindset Alchemy practice. This energy has not been appropriate for a lot of people until just recently, because it is dimensional. In 2011 it showed up in my practice exactly like my guides said it would: when I was ready to take it out in the world. I have studied several energy systems, through Reiki level III, to understand what other people do, and how my work is different. I also try to participate in regular Reiki circles and with other people who are comfortable with my particular talents.

Spiritual counseling is important, but my work is not spiritual and I am not a healer: I am an alchemist, a transformation specialist. My work is sometimes mystical, always practical, socio-cultural, and fun. I have a graduate degree in literature (love those archetypes, don’t you?), and a master’s in business administration from one of the top schools in the country: the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. It is an interesting combination: literature, business, and intuition. I like it.

What kind of intuitive training have you had?

I have worked with several animal communicators over time and taken a number of classes on communication and energy, including formal Reiki studies (Level III practitioner). I continue to take workshops and to work with people who are of complete integrity and know what they are doing: if you don’t keep learning, you can’t help anyone, including yourself. I also work with my guides, a rock-and-roll goddess who calls herself Con Ni,  the queen of the dragons, Lorena, and the Quinnich Nation. I have actually been asked to be an ambassador for both the dragon kingdom and the Quinnich Nation, and am developing training programs to help people learn to communicate with them, as well as land and weather systems. It is time for that, and it is tricky.

I know this makes me sound strange, but, really, the world is stranger than we ever imagined, and that’s a wonderful thing!

I have also spent many years in an almost hermetic existence because of a physical disability and resulting illness. It is not a way I would ever recommend, but I had plenty of leisure to read, think, listen, and learn, even when, for many years, I didn’t know that was happening. I was out of mainstream life, which turned out to be exactly what I needed to be. I am also a strong empath, which is something that needs to be carefully managed, but is also a big asset when communicating with other beings. They need to know that humans care, and to be reminded that they do.

Most important, I learn directly from the beings I talk with as well as their guidance forces. For example, I learn about trees from the trees and their guides, about hurricanes from individual hurricanes and their guides (and they taught me in what I call ‘wind school’), about volcanoes from Mount St. Helens and Yellowstone and their guides. Talking directly with the beings we share the planet with changes us: it deepens our intuition and our appreciation for the hard work it takes to participate in community. Do you know what your house or business are thinking? Why not?

How did you get like this? It’s a great gift.

We’re all like this. We’ve just largely forgotten. It is not a gift.

What I can do is a talent, or ability, like anyone else’s. It takes work, commitment, humility, and a strong sense of humor. Some of us are artists, scientists, farmers, clerks. I’m a writer and intuitive: an alchemist. I remembered I was an intuitive when my dog, Murphy, saved us from an earthquake two minutes before it happened on Feb. 28, 2001. What the …? I was so curious about what was going on in her head I decided to figure it out. She took the opening and ran with it. Then I remembered that I was a ‘strange child,’ as my family would say (and have, although they waited until they were dead to say so). Why? Because I was talking with trees, the land, animals, pencils, whatever, and seeing ‘ghosts’ since I was, as my dad would say, ‘knee-high to a grasshopper.’ It’s as scientific, analytical, and rational a process as anything else. Some day scientists will figure this out, but then who will we get to tweak?

Are you a weather worker? Can you talk with buildings?

NO! A weather worker changes the weather, and while many of us can do that, it’s rarely a good idea. In fact, it’s usually stupid and abusive, since we haven’t a clue how complicated the world really is, and it’s imposing our desires on independent beings who have their own work to do. (Yes, I am opinionated, but who isn’t?) We can’t grow crops that are genetically diversified enough to keep us all from starving, so why would we be smart enough to know more about weather than the weather systems themselves, or their makers? Everything is on a schedule; if you want to change that schedule it involves a lot of negotiation with a lot of different beings. And there are always consequences. I know, because I’ve goofed up plenty.

Besides, it’s much easier to be a weather talker. I learn a lot about weather and the land by simply talking with it. These beings are often eager to talk with us, and when they’re not, they usually say why. Now if scientists would sit down with people like me they’d learn more about the world in 10 minutes than they’ve learned in 30 years (just ask me about hurricanes and what I learned from Hurricane Ophelia). Think how much we could do with that kind of scientific attitude!

Can I talk with buildings? Yes, I can talk with just about anything, from the frequency on a radio station to buildings and land. Think about this: the day of the quake in Japan a dying nuclear power plant showed up in my office, screaming about dying and begging for help to avoid hurting the land and people and sea around it. Now, if I had a clear open link to scientists, the entire world would have immediately learned that the Fukushima Nuclear Plant and suffered a castastrophic failure at the moment of the earthquake: what difference would it have made? Would we have all moved quicker to stop the contamination?

Do you work with land systems?

Yes, I work with land systems. Mount St. Helens and Yellowstone are friends. The land and water around us are all our friends. I would urge everyone to talk with the land around them. Do not, I repeat, do not attempt to change the planet by fooling with tectonic plates! Really, earth changes are necessary; they are part of how the planet evolves, just like we stretch or tweak a muscle or break a bone, earth changes are part of life. Respect them as such. Thank them for their work. Leave them alone. You don’t really want to break the planet, do you?

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