Payment can be made in person by cash, check, or credit card. I can also arrange payment by PayPal. All services must be prepaid.

OUR PLEDGE TO YOU: Fallon and I are here for everyone who needs us. Because others have helped us when we needed it (and my dad did as well when he was in business) we gratefully offer sliding scale fees if you need it.

OUR FEES: Sliding scale, $85 – $125/hour. Your choice.


Our Mindset Alchemy or Soul Progression Clearing includes an intuitive consultation, crystal energy healing, shamanic practices like soul retrieval, curse unraveling, and compassionate de-possession, and practical life, business, and creative coaching in whatever way best serves your needs.

We can accomplish a lot in a one-hour session.

For in-depth work please consider purchasing our three-session package: Mindset Alchemy Foundation. Please contact me for a complimentary 15-minute strategy session to how our Mindset Alchemy Foundation package can assist you.

Mindset Alchemy: One session, Sliding Scale Fee. $85 -$125/hour ($60/half hour)

Includes MP3 recording and 15-minute telephone follow-up within one week!

Mindset Alchemy Foundation: Three sessions: sliding scale applied less 10% for booking all three sessions up front.

  • Session 1: Balance
  • Session 2: Clarity
  • Session 3: Transformation


I communicate with animals through intuitive conversation, pictures, feelings, and knowing. This can be done remotely. Travel times are additional.

I generally do not need pictures. I prefer email contact the day before a scheduled session, and generally follow up with a quick email the day after.

Animal Communication Sliding Scale Fee: $85 – $125/hour ($60 half hour)

EMERGENCY: Lost Animals, Information for Veterinarians, End-of-Life Examination

I can help locate lost animals, provide information to take to your veterinarian to assist in medical care, and compassionately but objectively examine end-of-life issues with your animal companions. My services are not a substitute for common sense or for proper veterinary care. If your animal is lost, go look for it before contacting me, and listen to me when I tell you what I hear! If you have a medical emergency, go to the vet!

Lost animals in particular require patience and negotiation. They do not always come home, and sometimes they refuse to talk.

With rare exceptions, all work with lost animals is done remotely. Otherwise, travel times are additional.

Animal Communication Emergency Sliding Scale Fee: $85 – $125/hour plus $75 emergency fee


I can speak with deceased family, friends, and animals. My work, and the work of mediums I train, is different than others. We talk directly with the deceased in partnership with my deceased father, Ray, who runs the Way Station for Dead Things on the Other Side.

Mediumship Sliding Scale Fee: $85 – $125/hour ($60/half hour)


I can help you speak directly with your business, orhome or with nature.

Pictures often help, especially with remote work, because it allows the being to directly explain what’s going on in a particular area. They are usually surprised to be directly and respectfully addressed, and pictures help narrow the conversation!

This work can be done remotely. Skype works great! All travel times are additional.

Intuitive Consult with businesses, homes, and nature Sliding Scale Fee: $85 – $125/hour ($60/half hour)


Space clearing / realignment job includes an introduction to your space and a clearing /re-alignment session. Total time per first-time case is generally two hours, with an additional half hour for follow-up.

Beyond that, additional follow-up sessions help you and the space continue to grow with each other.

This work can be done remotely. It’s more fun and inspiring in person with human family members present, but it isn’t always possible.

First time  Sliding Scale Fee, $200 – $300 (2 hours). Includes a discussion of needs, the clearing, and feedback. Travel times are $25 additional for the Seattle area.

Each additional hour, Sliding Scale Fee: $85 – $125/hour

Quarterly or annual clearing, Sliding Scale Fee, $85-$125/hour

Prices vary according to needs, size, and complexity.

 Please call to schedule a 15-minute complimentary session to discuss your needs, including retainer services and packages for real estate professionals and business offices.


In Fallon sessions I work directly with my partner, Fallon, the Citrine Lemurian Quartz. We talk with you and the beings who step forth that day. These beings can be current companions who are present intuitively and often on a soul level; deceased companions; guides; crystals; and whatever being (safe ones only) steps forth. Even a goddess (surprised me, too).

Fallon also often conducts private healing sessions with individuals. This means that I am present in the room, but the conversation between Fallon and you is private. This occurs when Fallon is conducting a healing or when individuals are ready and willing to directly experience whatever Fallon has to share with them. Fallon and I both encourage this.

This work can be done remotely, although being with Fallon is an experience in itself. Otherwise, all travel times are additional.

Fallon session Sliding Scale Fee: $85- $125 hour ($60/half hour)

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