Our Theme for 2015: Claiming Magic

Join us for private sessions and workshops, all geared to helping you claim your magic in the new year! Magic is where science and spirituality meet. Magic is how we claim our power to be our best selves, at home and at work. Join us!



Saturday, Oct. 3, 2105, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.  

This workshop carried CEUs and PDAs for healthcare professionals. We had a wonderful turnout and hope to soon present this workshop at Bastyr University.


Sunday, Nov. 1, 2015, 12 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Russian Community Center of Seattle

704 19th Ave E, Seattle WA 98112

This is a Seattle-based seasonal festival featuring intuitive readers and vendors of a magical and metaphysical bent, specifically highlighting our local pagan and shamanic community organizations, businesses and practitioners. And me and Fallon. It features educational lectures, workshops and entertainment for the whole family–including costume contests for kids and adults.

Fallon and I will be there for intuitive consultations: animal communication, mediumship, energy boundaries, space clearing, and personal and business consultations.

At 2 p.m. we will also be offering a workshop and guided meditation on connecting with and celebrating our dead. We will explore how to meet and survive death and grief and continuing our relationship with our beloved deceased. We will even meet some of our dead! Join us and bring your crystals, pictures, mementos, so we can bless our deceased—and ourselves.


June 4-5, 2016. Fee: $300
Yellowstone National Park

Want to claim your magic in 2015? There’s no better place for that than Yellowstone! What is your most sacred goal for the year, for your life? Want do you want to achieve? A book idea, a better connection to nature, an idea of what you were born to do? Whatever your goal, we will explore it in personal coaching with me and Fallon, in group work at sacred sites in Yellowstone, and in a personal vision quest.

Imagine it! Two days on an intuitive adventure in Yellowstone National Park! We’ll explore our intuition—how to deepen our connection with our intuitive best self, develop our intuitive muscles, create our best lives, learn to talk with animals, and learn to communicate with the land! Yellowstone is a partner in my business, a member of what I call the Alchemy West Committee, and has been a special retreat for me since my childhood. Come share the magic with me!

We’ll end with a vision quest at Mud Volcano, in partnership with the animals, the land, your guides, and my planetary guide, Grey, and enjoy a potluck get-together the last night!

We’ll explore the Lamar Valley (wolves and bears!), Norris Geyser Basin, Old Faithful and the lower geyser basin, and more!

Limited to 8 people. Includes hands-on mentoring, assignments, time to explore and to dig deep,  handouts.

Sign up now! It’s already filling up! Cost: $300. Does not include transportation, food, or lodging. You’ll need reservations by January to stay in the park. Contact Robyn for more details!


In an afternoon or evening gathering we explore the world of crystals and experience Fallon’s rare planetary and dimensional energy. It’s a relaxed, fun, inspiring event to explore Fallon, receive messages from him  and other beings, and gaze into him to see animals, guides, other worlds, and ancient lands, and explore the world of crystals and of being equal with all life. These gatherings are fun, inspirational, and deeply moving. Contact Robyn for times and arrangements.


This is our storytelling arm, where we explore our intuitive lives, the human-animal bond, earth changes, evolving communities, and working with Fallon. How? With intuition, metaphysics, science, smarts, humor, heart, common sense, and attitude. Come tell us what you think!

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On our Home and Space Clearing and Mediumship pages we have videos on working with Fallon, our space clearing modality, and how we work with the dead and on our space clearing work with radio show host and coach CJ Liu! Check them out at her YouTube channel or on our videos page!

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