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Our mutual privacy is paramount. I do not share email or personal addresses with anyone for any reason, unless you specifically ask me to forward it to someone.

If I use an experience with you to tell a story, it will only be anonymously and only after I receive your permission and the permission of the being I spoke with for you. Sometimes these stories are intensely personal and too sensitive to you to share, and the beings we speak with are quick to acknowledge that. Many times these stories bring hope to others in unexpected ways, so please consider that if I ask you to share.

First is our mutual acknowledgment that we transform community in cooperation with all life. Our integrity—our good name and our reputation—is part of that acknowledgment. Let’s hold faith together. Your information is safe with us at Alchemy West, Inc. We assume that we are also safe with you. And so we build community!

I am in Seattle, Washington, PST. Please keep that in mind when calling me!

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