Who You Are, How We Help

You are a seeker, an independent thinker who is spiritually and intuitively conscious, practical, and smart. You have questions and are willing to dig deep for answers by combining your intuition with hard work, a sense of purpose, creativity, and good humor. You are emotionally healthy and ready to explore.

You are also looking for some intuitive assistance and energy healing. You also might be having trouble with your energy boundaries. We can help with these services:

  • Certified Hypnotherapist: Past Life Regression, Between Life Regression, and Soul Awakening. You want to explore your creativity, life purpose, soul awakening, spiritual journey, meet your spiritual team, and discover your past life and between life experiences. You want to explore ups and downs, boosts and blocks, all while claiming your intuitive, personal power. You’ll discover how amazing and powerful you are—and discover what you came here to do, why, and how you can achieve that. We will help guide your journey, holding space for a deep dive that will change everything. Because you have it in you. And we can help. People have said: “No one has ever held that big a space for me before.” Yes.
  • Mediumship. You want a psychic medium to help you connect with deceased people or animals for closure and to heal grief. Our conversations with the dead are facilitated by my deceased father. What are your dead up to? What would you like to say to them? We can also help you support the dying and their loved ones as death approaches—and beyond—with grief support with our spiritual services. These include ceremonies that help release grief, space clearing, and teaching you how to connect with your dead.
  • Soul Progression Clearing. You want something beyond shamanism and traditional spirituality or psychotherapy to work with you, your guides, and divine supporters to help you clear physical and energetic blockages that present physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Your soul is where you start and end. I can help you with soul retrieval, curse unraveling,  compassionate de-possession, and energy healing. Because we all deserve it.
  • Energy Boundaries, Energy Sensitives. If you’re drained at the end of the day, feel uncomfortable in crowds, need downtime to recuperate, run a busy practice, from health care to general business, you may be needing help to manage your energy boundaries. I teach group classes on energy boundaries, and mentor individual clients. I can teach you simple techniques that will help you be the best you can be, all the time. Because you need to be. And deserve to be.
  • Animal Communication. You want an animal communicator to help you deepen your bond with your animal family. You may also be looking for a lost animal, want insight into health issues for your veterinarian, or assistance in hospice care, dying, and death.
  • Space Clearing. You want a space clearing and house blessing expert to energetically clear the spaces you live and work in. Space Cooperating, our pioneering space clearing modality, talks directly with your spaces to mesh the needs and wants of both people and their spaces. It is “Beyond Feng Shui” because it is not limited by rules and procedures, but focused on the here and now. You:
    • Need a professional to provide objectivity or handle paranormal activities, from ghosts to disturbed spaces
    • Want the formality of professional services
    • May be getting ready to sell or buy, remodel, or rent
    • Want help to conduct a ceremony that acknowledges transitions, from birth to death
    • Want someone to teach you how to clear your spaces
    • Manage a wellness or health care  facility and want to keep energy flowing to support staff and clients
  • Energy Healing. You want to experience our unique energy healing technique and learn how to support your energetic self, especially strong energy boundaries. I work with Fallon and alchemical energy, am a certified Reiki Level 3 practitioner, and use shamanic soul clearing methods to support my clients.
  • Intuitive Workshops and Mentoring: You want to develop your intuitive muscles, develop simple, effective action plans to claim your unique life path, and achieve breakthroughs with practical, neutral intuitive insight.

Good news! We would love to help you help yourself.

Who We Are

My name is Robyn M Fritz and my company is Alchemy West. I am a Seattle intuitive: a psychic medium, space clearing and house blessing expert, animal communicator, intuitive teacher, and crystal energy healer. My partner is Fallon, the Citrine Lemurian Quartz, a rare, ancient power crystal (we’re the only team out there I know about).

Our work supports yours in the world, from navigating your personal journey to a practical and intuitive look at your professional life and the mystery that is yours to explore with us.

What Alchemy Means to You

Alchemy West was born to help people learn to intuitively help themselves—to facilitate practical and inspiring transformative change by teaching people how to use their innate intuitive skills (yes, everyone is intuitive).

Intuition is beyond spirituality: it is part of who we are in our busy daily lives. It is an essential “missing link” in achieving comfortable, prosperous lives because it clues us in to what is going on inside and outside, from our feelings to relationships and choices. Learning to use it helps us become our best selves at home, at work, and in community.

Alchemy is the process of transforming, or changing, something ordinary into something extraordinary. It is what happens when you claim your personal power to create a coherent, satisfying journey that informs your personal, business, and creative lives, bringing you comfort and inspiration as it attracts prosperity.

Alchemical transformation is change at the deepest, most intense, body, mind, and spirit levels. I know. I am an alchemist, and alchemy changed my life.

How?  I chose the power of love. The mindset of connection, love invigorates our personal, business, and creative lives and the spaces we live and work in. This is love at its most powerful: tough, practical, no-nonsense, inspiring, energizing. It is as essential for finding our personal path as it is for making tough business choices—because it enhances clarity.

Saying “yes” to the power of love is hard, because we hear “no” everywhere, from our own self-doubt to “the world is in crisis, the times are tough.”

It’s not true. You are powerful, and the world is in opportunity.

We can help you claim your power with the magic of alchemical transformation that comes from balance and clarity.

  • Balance: When you are grounded and centered, you can find the unique “you” in the world.
  • Clarity: The “ah-ha” of insight allows your wise, practical, intuitive self to inform your choice.
  • Transformation: Balance and clarity create true alchemy—love, the magic of a satisfying, fulfilling life and career.

Contact us now for a session or workshop. Claim your alchemical change. Because you matter. It matters. And it works.

© 2013 – 2016 Robyn M Fritz